'Platty Joobs' overtakes the Platinum Jubilee as trend goes viral

'Platty Joobs' has been catapulted in British slang after trending on Twitter


The Queen's Platinum celebration has been dubbed "Platty Joobs" on Twitter, following extensive debate around the four day celebrations.

After trending throughout the day the slang has divided the nation, with some loving the term and other repulsing at it.

Sunday Times Media Editor Rosamund Urwin was outraged at the term taking to Twitter saying: "And why did you divorce your husband?” “Well, he kept calling it ‘The Platty Jubes’".

In one tweet on @kfRedhot said: "Just two more weeks 'til the platty joobs" with Screenwriter Ben Willbond tweeting: "The Platty Joobs is now my favourite phrase".

Great British Menu judge, Andi Oliver tweeted: "yesterday someone told me they heard it being called The Platty Joobs! And now I want to hurl myself into the sea!"

Caitlin Moran's tweet has received over 500 likes.
Caitlin Moran's tweet has received over 500 likes.

Author Caitlin Moran said in a Tweet: "The Platinum Jubilee being called "The Platty Joobs" might be the worst thing to have ever happened in my lifetime. And yet ... I've started whispering it to myself".

Heinz renamed salad cream "Salad Queen" in commemoration of the Queens "Platty Joobs".
Heinz renamed salad cream "Salad Queen" in commemoration of the Queens "Platty Joobs".

The term has been plunged into British vocabulary with thanks to Twitter. The social media platform has been indundated with "Platty Joobs" tweets, with Greggs offering customers a free sausage roll for the "Platty Joobs".

One Twitter user, @jordanxtheresa said: "my toxic trait is i physically cannot stop calling the platinum jubilee the platty joobs".

Another user, @cassamlooch tweeted "Im hoping I hear someone say they are "taking the Lizzie Line on the Platty Joobs" so I can give a genuine side eye for the first time in my life".

Supermarkets have been revelling in the Jubilee celebrations, with "Heinz Salad Queen" and "HM Sauce" hitting the shelves.

KFC have launched the Coronation Chicken Tower Burger to commemorate the occasion, offering diners in the royal boroughs of Windsor and Kensington the chance to wine a free burger, which will be delivered via a "Coronation Convoy".