Pigs close golf course after injuring two golfers

The giant hogs, thought to be Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, caused carnage at Lightcliffe Golf Club

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A pair giant pigs have injured two people after tearing around a golf course, forcing the temporary closure of the club.

The pigs caused carnage at Lightcliffe Golf Club, in Calderdale, by rampaging across the course and knocking over bags.

Lightcliffe's club pro David Mckidd, 40, said the pair of black hogs were first seen at the course on Sunday, and injured a golfer by causing cuts to his leg.

The pigs reemerged on the course on Tuesday and hurt a male worker at the golf club who confronted them and attempted to ease them off the course.

The pigs, which are thought to be Vietnamese Pot-bellied pigs, were on the rampage for approximately six hours.

"We had to close because they were wandering around and took over the course," Judith Crowther, the club’s house director, told the BBC.

"They ended up outside the clubhouse on the ninth green and didn’t seem to want to go away."

Those that were injured by the pigs were both taken to hospital and treated for tetanus.

The hogs tore up one of the putting greens by creating holes before police apprehended the animals as they held up traffic.

The club, which has now reopened, said: “It raised a lot of interest, but we’re glad they’ve now gone and we can go back to playing golf.

“It was like a comedy script, you couldn’t have imagined it if you tried.”