PE teacher, 22, who 'had sex with pupil' in Premier Inn after school prom banned from teaching

Melissa Tweedie, who is now 27, has been removed from the General Teaching Council for Scotland


A teacher who kissed and allegedly had sex with a pupil following his school prom has been struck off the Scottish teaching register, banning her from the classroom.

Melissa Tweedie, 27, has been removed from the teaching register by the General Teaching Council for Scotland following an investigation over her behaviour.

Melissa Tweedie is now a Dubai-based yoga instructor
Melissa Tweedie is now a Dubai-based yoga instructor

Between 7 June 2017 and 8 June 2017, it's alleged the PE teacher at Gleniffer High School "danced inappropriately with pupils during the prom, including making inappropriate physical contact whilst dancing with them", according to the General Teaching Council for Scotland.

It's also alleged that the teacher in question "kissed" a pupil, known as "Pupil A", whilst at the Premier Inn Hotel pupils were staying in overnight.

The teacher then allegedly "engaged in sexual intercourse with Pupil A after the prom, at the Premier Inn."

The General Teaching Council also allege that Ms Tweedie said in the company of at least one pupil "can we for a minute act like I’m not a teacher?".

When another pupil, known as Pupil E walked in to the room Ms Tweedie and Pupil A were staying in, the PE teacher is alleged to have said "technically I haven’t touched him yet."

Ms Tweedie told the headteacher of the school that she gone home, whilst he was trying to find her in the foyer of the hotel.

When Ms Tweedie, who is a Dubai-based yoga teacher, admitted she woke up next to Pupil A, she claimed that her drink might have been spiked.

She then claimed she was concerned the pupils may have been taking drugs.

The panel that made the decision to bar Ms Tweedie said that her behaviour fell "significantly short" of the required standards of a teacher.

"It is the view of the panel that the teacher has fallen significantly short of the standards and therefore is unfit to teach", Arthur Stewart said on behalf of the panel.

"As Miss Tweedie has been found unfit to teach the panel must direct that Miss Tweedie's name be removed from the General Teaching Council from Scotland's register."

Police investigated the incident and found no crime was committed.