Patrick Christys: 'People don’t want a woke police force, they want a proper police force'

People want the police force to fight crime, not a relatively non-existent gender issue in the work place

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I think we all woke up with a deep sense of relief this morning. The biggest crisis to hit the Met Police has finally been rectified.

No, not the knife crime epidemic, nope, not the lack of response to domestic violence. Could it be that they’ve decided to clamp down on grooming gangs? No, no. Gender neutral uniforms are on their way! 30,000 police officers were consulted – they just feel like they have to say yes!

Apparently the force could be in breach of the 2010 equality act if it doesn’t introduce them. So presumably this would mean police chiefs will be arrested for a hate crime instead of Barry on Twitter who has some strong views about whether or not snowmen should be called snowpeople.

Apparently gender orientated uniforms are a ‘legacy for a sexist past’. I can see the side of it that we don’t need female police officers looking dainty, they’re there to enforce the law – but it’s not like we’re dressing up female police officers in mini-skirts and crop tops. Their uniform seems basically the same.

Police recorded 45,267 crimes in 2019, concentrated in big cities, 49% higher than in 2011.

We’ve got police call centres taking ages to answer the phone because they’re all off with the pingdemic. I reported last week on the fact women are being beaten up and in some cases killed because police aren’t enforcing restraining orders.

There is an absolute scandal taking place in the country that seems to be willingly being covered up by police forces, in some cases politicians and certainly vast swathes of the media. That’s the grooming gang issue. Cambridge, Newcastle, Rotherham, Rochdale, Telford, Amersham - I could go on.

Tens of thousands of girls being systematically abused on an industrial scale. But please tell me more about your gender neutral uniforms. While you’re painting rainbow flags on police cars and doing everything you can to tell people how woke you are, young girls are being raped, young lads are being stabbed to death, gang crime is spiralling, drugs are being sold illegal immigrants flood into the country at record levels.

How many hours of police time is this taking up? How much is it going to cost? People don’t want a woke police force, they want a proper police force. They want the police force to fight crime, not a relatively non-existent largely unconscious gender issue in the work place.

I’m sure the families of murdered teenagers and of grooming gang victims woke up this morning feeling reassured that our police officers won’t be mortally offended by their own uniforms anymore.