Outrage as British Succession creator aims dig at King Charles III after winning top Emmys’ prize

Jesse Armstrong's comments were met by groans amongst the audience in Los Angeles


The British creator of Succession has sparked outrage after aiming a dig at King Charles III during a speech as the television series picked up the top prize at the Primetime Emmy Awards.

The comedy-drama series won the outstanding comedy award at the prestigious event in Los Angeles.

When accepting the award, Jesse Armstrong opted to take a swipe at the new King, just days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Mr Armstrong said: “Big week for successions.

Jesse Armstrong
Jesse Armstrong
King Charles III
King Charles III

“New king in the UK. This, for us, evidently a little bit more voting involved in our winning than Prince Charles.”

His comments were met by groans amongst the audience at the Microsoft Theatre.

Before Succession star Brian Cox tried to cool tensions by saying: “Keep it royalist, keep it royalist.”

Mr Armstrong added: “I’m not saying that we’re more legitimate in our position than he is.

“We’ll leave that to other people.”

The King was officially proclaimed to the throne during a ceremony on Saturday following Queen Elizabeth II's death on Thursday.

Alongside the Camilla, Queen Consort, the King will travel to Northern Ireland on Tuesday.

After touching down in Belfast, the King and Queen Consort are to travel to Hillsborough Castle in Co Down, the royal residence in Northern Ireland, for several engagements.