No action being taken by Boris Johnson's government over cost of living crisis, says Labour's Anneliese Dodds

The Labour Chair spoke with Colin Brazier on GB News

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The Chair of the Labour Party has criticised Boris Johnson’s government for failing to act on rising inflation and energy prices.

Speaking to Colin Brazier on GB News, Anneliese Dodds said whilst people in England may be seeing some slight increase in wages, “the prices that they have to pay for the basics are all goings up.

“Disturbingly in Britain we’re not seeing action being taken by the Conservative government to face up to this.

Obviously Labour’s set out plan, particularly to deal with the high cost of fuel, how we would use a windfall tax on the oil and gas companies to be generating that funding to help everyone, but particularly those that are the most hard pressed and pensioners.

“Sadly the Conservative government are not taking any measures like that right now.”

The Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary said the existing proposals to increase National Insurance contributions is “the wrong way to be generating funds.

“Those with the broadest shoulders should be looked to when it comes to generating that additional funding.”

It comes as three trade unions have called for a pay deal for local government staff that helps tackle the rising cost of energy prices and inflation.

Unite, Unison and GMB have submitted a joint pay claim to local authority body Cosla that, among other requests, pushes for a £3,000 pay rise across all salary points and a minimum wage of at least £12 per hour.

Speaking on the problems around energy supplies, the Ms Dodds said “the UK is particularly affected by these global issues because we don’t have as much control over our domestic energy supply”, but admitted those problems are not solely to blame for the crisis.