Nigerian romance fraudster jailed after conning helpless older women out of thousands

Among the victims of Osagie Aigbonohan was a woman with terminal cancer


A romance fraudster who targeted vulnerable older victims including a woman with terminal cancer has been jailed for more than two years.

Osagie Aigbonohan, 40, originally from Lagos, Nigeria, posed as Tony Eden on dating websites, using a picture of a grey-haired, middle-aged white man to dupe his targets.

The conman claimed he worked for a mining company and said he needed money to hire equipment after paying for his workers’ funerals following a tragic accident.

Aigbonohan contacted more than 670 people on sites including Tinder, Bumble, Christian Connection and Plenty of Fish, scamming nine of them between June 2019 and July last year.

One of his victims told him she had been diagnosed with cancer but he continued to ask for money and even sent messages after she died.

Aigbonohan was jailed for a total of two years and four months at Southwark Crown Court on Friday after he previously admitted fraud, possession of an iPhone for use in fraud, money laundering and possession of a false driving licence.

Recorder Edward Jenkins said: “This offence by you can only be described as a nasty offence.

“You participated in a nasty offence whereby you participated in what is colloquially know as a romance fraud.

“But what you in fact did was participate in a scam on vulnerable older women in difficult circumstances emotionally, some in difficult circumstances financially.”

The court heard Aigbonohan duped almost £10,000 from a widow and more than £4,000 from a woman who was terminally ill.

“You continued to harass her after she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer for a period of months, which frankly beggars belief.”

Aigbonohan, who has overstayed his visa, could be deported from the UK after he serves his sentence.