Nigel Farage slams Lord Frost’s attempt to unite Tories - ‘Now is the time to DESERT the Conservative Party’

Lord Frost called on the Conservative Party to unite to bring back 2019 voters


Nigel Farage has slammed Lord Frost’s attempt to unite the Conservative party and called for people to jump ship.

He was responding to an article published by The Telegraph in which Lord Frost urges people not to vote for the Reform Party and says the Tories must “rediscover” the spirit of the Brexit vote.

Lord Frost
Lord Frost

He quoted a YouGov poll which found only 40 per cent of those who voted Conservative in 2019 intend to do so at the next election.

He wrote: “The essential task is to bring back our 2019 voters and give them what they wanted: to get Brexit done, and deliver political and social change.

“First, I urge Conservatives to fight for the party and not be tempted by a Reform UK vote. The drift of policy towards high tax economics and social liberalism is deeply frustrating to many of us. But we make it all the easier if we give up on the party and go elsewhere.”

On the topic of Brexit he wrote: “I want to see the government defending Brexit effectively. Somehow, we have allowed our exit from the EU to become defined as the problem not part of the solution to our problems. We must never stop reminding people that leaving the EU was a constitutional project to re-establish democracy and self-government.”

GB News' Nigel Farage called Lord Frost out for his comments
GB News' Nigel Farage called Lord Frost out for his comments

Responding, Nigel Farage said: “Big article in today's Daily Telegraph by Lord Frost saying, ‘look, I know we're not really Conservative, but we could become Conservative. And if we did, and we stopped the Channel crossings and we reduce the size of a state and we cut taxes if we did that, we'd be a really good party. Just that at the moment we're not’.

“So please, he says, please don't support reform. Well, we've heard it all before. Please don't support the Brexit Party. Please don't support UKIP and yet, if we hadn't deserted the Conservative Party in big numbers, Brexit and real change would never, ever have happened.

“I would just suggest now is the time for all good men to desert the Conservative Party.”