Nigel Farage says the ‘UK stands taller' in the world six years on from Brexit referendum vote

Nigel also hit out at the Government for not doing more since the UK left the EU

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Nigel Farage says the “UK’s standing in the world is different” as he reflects six years on from the UK voting to leave the European Union.

On 23 June, 2016, people across the country took to polling stations to vote on a referendum on whether to stay or leave the EU.

The following day, the results were announced with 51.89 percent of people voting to leave, while 48.11 percent voted to remain.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

Speaking on GB News six years on from the vote, Nigel said he believes the UK now ‘stands taller” on the world stage.

Nigel said: “From my point of view I think the UK’s standing in the world is different to before Brexit, I believe we do stand taller.

“I believe the deal with Australia for example and the leadership that (Boris) Johnson has shown over Ukraine are clear examples of an independent United Kingdom reasserting itself on the world stage.

“The vaccine rollout proved in many ways that we can do things better than having them done for us by the European Commission.

"And I think the good news politically is that leaving is a settled issue although abiding by single market rules could come back I think to be a debate in British politics.”

Nigel hailed the leadership Boris Johnson has shown over Ukraine
Nigel hailed the leadership Boris Johnson has shown over Ukraine

But Nigel also believes the Government could be doing a lot more to help people following on from Brexit.

He continued: “But on the down side I just see a Government now, that picked up Brexit for political opportunity without properly believing in it.

“They tell me ‘no Nigel it’s because of the pandemic, we haven’t had time’.

“There’s so much we could’ve done in terms of rule cutting to help our businesses, our financial services industry, we just haven’t done any of it and belatedly Jacob Rees-Mogg has been appointed to do these things.

“On border controls, we frankly far from taking back control of our borders, it looks like a complete farce and we still have the ECHR able to overrule decision taken by the Home Secretary in this country.

“Fisheries frankly have been let down dreadfully, I could go on, VAT, why has the five percent VAT on fuel duty not been cut, a clear Brexit dividend.

“My feeling is unless people can feel, see some tangible benefit from Brexit, then Mr Johnson who won a lot of votes on the back of this, may find many of those won’t want to go out and vote for him again.”