Nigel Farage says 'only a fraction of this is going to get done' after Brexit plans laid out in Queen's Speech

A total of 38 Bills were announced in the Queen’s Speech earlier today

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Nigel Farage says “only a fraction” of the plans laid out in the Queen’s speech will get done.

A total of 38 Bills were announced in the Queen’s Speech as read by Prince Charles earlier today in the absence of Her Majesty.

While some of those Bills are still in their draft stages, others are much closer to completion.

Among the Bills include a Public Order Bill which allows police to jail some protesters for up to six months, as well as a Brexit Freedom Bill which allows the Government to get rid of EU law without the need to go through Parliament.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage
Catherine McBride
Catherine McBride

Discussing this on GB News, Nigel said to Catherine McBride: “We can criticise the fact that this Government is over two years two late in even putting this stuff back out, they’ve put it in the manifesto.

They’ve done nothing about it, they’ve restated it again today.

“But do you think they’re going to get there again and do the things that we need to make our country more successful.”

The free market economist and fellow at the Centre for Brexit Policy replied: “I think they’re going to have to if they want to get re-elected, and one thing I’m pretty sure all the politicians, both sides of the house want to get re-elected.

“I think they understand that it’s the manifesto in 2019, so they know that the population really likes this and wanted it in a big way.

“So they have to select the ones they can get through, there’s 38 it’s going to be difficult but quite a few of them are drafts.”

Before Nigel laid bare his beliefs over the pledges: “The truth is, only a fraction of this is going to get done.”