Nigel Farage says MPs have got to 'earn their money' as laws being made in UK after Brexit

GB News presenter Nigel Farage says Parliament is "busier than it's ever been" after Brexit


Brits voted to leave the European Union six years ago today in the historic Brexit referendum.

Much has changed in that time, as bitter Remainers have looked to unravel the vote despite its clear electoral mandate.

And Nigel, who was integral in the campaign, told GB News' Tom Harwood of his pride as he looked back on the "big achievement".

Appearing on The Briefing, he told Tom: "The big achievement was to get that vote in the face of global opposition.

Nigel Farage speaking about Brexit on the sixth anniversary
Nigel Farage speaking about Brexit on the sixth anniversary
Nigel Farage talking on GB News to Tom Harwood
Nigel Farage talking on GB News to Tom Harwood

"Every global leader, the American President visiting, the trade unions, big business [tried to stop it].

"It was one hell of an achievement. People rebelled against the establishment.

"They then, of course, had to win it again."

Nigel then reflected on the numerous attempts that were made to either thwart or nullify Brexit, all of which ultimately failed.

And he noted with glee that it has already made a huge impact in Westminster.

He said: "Parliament is busier than it's ever been because we're now making our own laws. They've got to earn their money!

"And I rather like that. That's good."

But the job is not done, and Nigel was clear about the danger Prime Minister Boris Johnson now finds himself in.

He continued: "The problem is, every morning I sit down and go through my emails, and the level of frustration that Brexit's not been completed is beginning to grow to something quite close to disillusion.

"Unless Boris Johnson is really, really careful he'll find a lot of those people, who voted Conservative to get Brexit done, just won't bother next time round.

"So we do need some rapid action."

Nigel listed civil service obstructionism as the key problem and called for a cut on VAT immediately.