Nigel Farage reveals we were heading for a second referendum on Brexit if Boris Johnson didn't win big majority

A second Brexit referendum was almost on the cards, but the Prime Minister's big majority saved the day, says Nigel Farage


GB News presenter Nigel Farage revealed how the country was heading for a second referendum before Boris won the General Election with a big majority.

Mr Farage praised the Prime Minister for "saving the day" by winning the last general election with a "big majority".

His comments follow the resignation announcement from Mr Johnson, who stepped down from his role as leader of the Conservatives following criticism of his handling of allegations against Chris Pincher.

Praising the Prime Minister for his intervention in the Brexit referendum campaign, Nigel said on GB News: "His winning that general election with that big majority in 2019 was crucial otherwise I feared we were heading towards absolute chaos and a second referendum".

Nigel praised Boris Johnsons large electoral mandate in 2019
Nigel praised Boris Johnsons large electoral mandate in 2019

The Prime Minister's resignation has since sparked the revival of a crowdfund titled "Brexit Isn't Working: It's time to fight back from a band of outspoken remoaners".

European Movement UK said Boris Johnson's departure from Number 10, meant they could "reverse the calamity of Brexit".

Encouraging Remainers across the country to "regroup and be ready" following the news the group outlined how he was no longer suitable to led the country.

Nigel continued stating how he didn't believe the Prime Minister would do "anything crazy or stupid in the next few weeks", but feared the reputation of the Conservative Party outlining how "many won't let this rest".

The Prime Minister assumed his position almost three years ago, promising to deliver Brexit in a swift and pragmatic manner.

During his time as Prime Minister he has led the UK through the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw the country halt to a standstill in nationwide lockdowns imposed by his government.

Mr Johnson is the third Conservative Prime Minister to succumb to pressure from Tory infighting in the space of six years.

HIs resignation announcement follows a string of resignations which plagued the Government over recent days.

Senior government ministers quit their positions following the handling of allegations of misconduct against MP Chris Pincher.

Concluding Nigel predicted further "Tory civil war style infighting" as MPs begin their campaigns for leadership.