Nigel Farage reveals he still gets death threats in the street - years after Brexit vote

Nigel opened up to Gloria De Piero about the effect the constant abuse has on himself and his family


Former UKIP leader and GB News host Nigel Farage has opened up on the abuse he receives in the street, even to this day.

Nigel discussed the Brexit movement, his beginnings in politics and the reaction he gets in public as part of Gloria De Piero's Life and Times series.

When asked about his decision to enter politics, Nigel described it as "bonkers", detailing how he had a successful career and had just launched his own company.

But speaking to local people in Kent and businessmen, Brexit became his mission, with politicians from both sides of the bench refusing to act, despite telling him they agreed with him.

Taking up the Brexit mission and leading Britain to successfully leave the European Union, Nigel has been met with fierce criticism and abuse, which still occurs on a regular basis.

Globalists, Nigel said, still see him as the enemy, and won't accept anyone with a differing view.

Nigel Farage spoke about abuse thrown at him in the street
Nigel Farage spoke about abuse thrown at him in the street

He told GB News: "I'm quite surprised all these years on by how much hatred i still get today in the street.

"I'm on an aeroplane and there's a young guy there, studenty [sic] type, he looked fairly scruffy so he must have been.

"I mean really getting abuse on the plane, I just said 'look son, you've had your say, sit down, shut up or I'll make sure transport police delay your journey home'."

Nigel revealed a more sinister threat he received on the street only a week before the previous incident.

He told Gloria: "I was coming to the GB News studios and there was a young couple there saying they want to kill me, they want to smash my head in.

Gloria pressed Nigel on the affect it has had on his family
Gloria pressed Nigel on the affect it has had on his family

"So it's still there everyday from that particular group. To some extent it's not their fault, they've been brainwashed at university, they've not been taught critical thinking.

"A lack of critical thinking means rather than respecting the fact that somebody else doesn't agree with your point of view, you believe that your view is virtuous and the other view is evil."

The former UKIP and Brexit Party leader also admitted the abuse he has received had, had an effect on his children, and this was something he felt guilt over.

He added: "That's hard. Look at my surname, there aren't many of us.

"It's not been easy for them and they've had to grow up very quickly and learn to deal with it.

"What we bring upon ourselves in life we live with the consequences, the fact that what we do affects all those around you is something I've had some guilt about."

Hitting back at critics, Nigel also said he would never give them the satisfaction of ever saying he was scared.