Nigel Farage issues Emmanuel Macron brutal warning: 'Civil unrest is a national sport'

Mr Macron beat Marine Len Pen in a presidential run-off vote on Sunday


Nigel Farage has warned Emmanuel Macron that Marine Le Pen could again threaten his presidential reign.

Mr Macron beat Ms Le Pen in a Presidential run-off on Sunday, winning 58.5 percent of the vote.

But speaking on GB News, Nigel explained why he thinks Ms Le Pen could take over as the current French President in five year’s times.

He said: “There is one country, not too far away from us where civil unrest is a national sport.

“It is of course France, modern France, founded from the flames of revolution and still prone to a good riot here or there.

“I thought what was very interesting was seeing Macron’s acceptance speech, his victory party.

“It all seemed a little bit subdued, and I think the reason for that is nobody would’ve even believed that a candidate by the name of Le Pen would get more than four in ten French voters to support them, but she did.”

Nigel Farage issued a warning to Emmanuel Macron
Nigel Farage issued a warning to Emmanuel Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron

He continued: “Every time there is a presidential election, we’re told that the national rally is peaked, well I’m not so sure.

“In 1999, when I stood in the European elections and got elected to the European Parliament, UKIP came fourth.

“In 2004, UKIP came third, in 2009 UKIP came second and in 2014 UKIP won the European elections, won a national election and we got a referendum and British politics has fundamentally changed.

“Many of the barbs that are thrown at Marine Le Pen, and please bare in mind that she does not have the same policies as her father and I just see this steady progression, this disenchantment with the Parisian centralisation, the arrogance of Macron and many others.

“I would not for one moment write off Marine Le Pen getting up to or close to 50 percent in the next round of the French Presidential elections in five year’s time.”

His comments come just hours after demonstrators took to the street of Paris and Lyon to protest against Mr Macron’s election win.

Protestors threw fireworks at pilice cars in Lyon, while police fired tear gas and charged at dozens gathered in Place de la Republique square in Paris.