Nigel Farage casts doubt over first Rwanda migrant flight: 'I don't believe it will take off'

The Home Office announced earlier today that the first migrant flight to Rwanda will take place on June 14

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Nigel Farage has admitted he doesn’t believe the first Rwanda migrant flight will take off.

The Home Office announced earlier today that the first flight will take migrants to Rwanda on June 14.

Those who are set to be sent to Rwanda have begun to be issued with formal Removal Direction letters, the Home Office added.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

But despite the news, Nigel believes that legal challenges will mean the flight won't happen.

Speaking on GB News, he said: “The number of people that are coming into the country both legally and illegally is very rapidly going up the political agenda.

“Today, just a pretty ordinary day in the English Channel, several boats came across today and all of them absolutely jam packed with people.

“Some come across the channel in boats that actually can make the journey quite easily.

He continued: “Others on very much the second-class cheaper service, come in dinghys that are made literally for one journey only, they have plywood glued into the bottom and the people on them don’t even have life jackets, it is pretty extraordinary.

Home Secretary Priti Patel
Home Secretary Priti Patel

“About 300 crossed the channel today, it’s just an ordinary day.

“But we get an announcement tonight that on June 14 the first flight to Rwanda will happen and those that are going on that flight have been informed of that today.

“Well, we’ll see what happens. My guess is they’ll be legal challenges under the human rights act, we are still signed up to Europe’s ECHR.

“I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think that flight will take off, or if it does there will hardly be anybody on it.”

A statement released by the Home Office earlier today said: "The Government’s world-leading Migration and Economic Development Partnership with Rwanda has taken its final administrative step, as the Home Office has begun issuing formal Removal Direction letters to those who are set to go to Rwanda where they will be able to rebuild their lives in safety.

"People who have taken dangerous, unnecessary, and illegal journeys, including crossing the Channel, are among those being relocated there."

While Home Secretary Priti Patel added: “Our world-leading Partnership with Rwanda is a key part of our strategy to overhaul the broken asylum system and break the evil people-smugglers’ business model.

“Today’s announcement is another critical step towards delivering that Partnership and, while we know attempts will now be made to frustrate the process and delay removals, I will not be deterred and remain fully committed to delivering what the British public expect.”