Nicola Sturgeon's government demanded Brexit and Queen Elizabeth II were removed from children's book

References to England's 1966 World Cup victory were also asked to be removed from a book celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee


Nicola Sturgeon’s Government reportedly refused to endorse a Platinum Jubilee book aimed at children, despite asking for a host of changes to be made.

The book, titled “Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Jubilee Celebration”, was intended as a gift for children across Britain.

But SNP ministers removed schools in Scotland from the book’s distribution list, with teachers having to specifically request for the book to be sent to them.

Emails from within Scottish government reportedly showed the SNP asked for a total of 52 changes to the book to be made.

Nicola Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon
Among the amendments requested by SNP officials included the title of the Queen
Among the amendments requested by SNP officials included the title of the Queen

Among the requested changes included the Queen’s title, while references to Brexit and the England football team’s 1966 World Cup victory were asked to be removed, according to the Times.

The Scottish Government’s curriculum and qualifications division did not want the book to use the title Queen Elizabeth II, saying “she is not the second Queen Elizabeth here”.

While Brexit should be removed because the issue is “highly divisive”.

The 1966 World Cup win was deemed by SNP officials “an event that doesn’t seem to merit this level of exposure - and it’s not that relevant in the non-England parts of the UK”.

They also are said to have pushed for content around the Irish civil war and same-sex marriage.

Failure to listen to the recommendations could lead to public backlash, the SNP officials reportedly warned.

The books final version did take into account some of the changes, including the the Queen being named “Her Majesty The Queen”.

But it did include a box explaining Brexit and the changes to the passports from navy blue from burgundy since the UK left the EU