Nicola Sturgeon berated by own former minister as SNP leaves IndyRef2 plan in chaos - 'Utterly confusing!'

Nicola Sturgeon has been attacked by one of her former ministers over her referendum proposals.
Nicola Sturgeon has been attacked by one of her former ministers over her referendum proposals.

Nicola Sturgeon faces criticism from members of the SNP as concerns grow that her calls for a referendum could turn voters away

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Nicola Sturgeon has been attacked by one of her former ministers over her handling of proposals for a second independence referendum for Scotland.

The First Minister had originally vowed that if the Supreme Court denied her an independence vote the next UK election would be treated as a vote on independence.

After it was ruled Scotland could not hold the vote without Westminster’s approval, it was expected Sturgeon would follow through with her initial pledge.

However, yesterday the SNP said that in March they will put two options for the way forward to their members.

The Party proposed that a good results at a general election in the next two years could help to apply more pressure on Westminster to allow a referendum.

Alternatively, they suggested a Scottish election held in the next three years could also be used as a referendum according to The Sunday Times

Sturgeon stressed the importance in Scottish democracy, slamming the UK government in the process.

She said: “Westminster is denying democracy because it fears the verdict of the Scottish people on independence.

“There is a cast-iron democratic mandate for a referendum, and this remains the SNP’s preferred route to establishing the will of the people of Scotland.

“However, if Westminster continues to block a referendum – and if Scottish democracy is not to be negated as a result – an alternative democratic means of allowing the people of Scotland to express their will must be found.

“The purpose of the Special Democracy Conference is to allow the SNP to debate and decide which alternative route it wishes to offer the people of Scotland.”

The proposals were slammed as “utterly confusing” by former health minister for the SNP Alex Neil.

Alex Neil slammed the proposals as "utterly confusing".
Alex Neil slammed the proposals as "utterly confusing".

Tensions continue to rise within the party as members urge the First Minister not to act brash and as a result lose popularity across Scotland.

Elsewhere, Rishi Sunak has said he wants to show Scotland how the UK Government can benefit the Scottish people.

During a visit to Inverness where green Freeport’s were launched, the Prime Minister said: “I’m really keen as Prime Minister for the United Kingdom to make sure that everyone in Scotland realises that I’m passionately committed to delivering for them.”

He later continued: “I think that’s what I want to keep doing more on, I want to keep demonstrating tangibly and visibly to people in Scotland that the UK Government is here trying to make a big difference to their lives.”