Nicola Sturgeon accused of ‘consistently spewing toxic and divisive rhetoric’ after Tory hustings protests

A large crowd of protestors gathered outside the hustings in Perth on Tuesday shouting “Tory scum” and “Tories out”


Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of “consistently spewing the toxic and divisive rhetoric she claims to disapprove of” by Dan Wootton on GB News.

Dan’s comments come after a crowd of protesters gathered outside the Conservative Party leadership hustings in Perth, Scotland on Tuesday shouting “Tory scum” and “Tories out”.

People demonstrating outside the Concert Hall were seen pushing through barriers and shouting at the attendees before the event started.

Other people carried placards which read: “Tory scum go away”, “refugees welcome” and “No ifs no buts no Tory cuts”.

Dan Wootton and Nicola Sturgeon
Dan Wootton and Nicola Sturgeon
Protestors gathered outside the Perth hustings earlier this week
Protestors gathered outside the Perth hustings earlier this week

A large banner covered one of the barriers which read “Scottish Not British”, with another next to it saying: “It’s time for independence”.

But speaking on Wednesday, Dan was quick to hit back at Ms Sturgeon’s response to the incident.

Dan said on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight: “It took scheming Sturgeon until 1pm this afternoon to finally condemn the behaviour of her ilk, but she was also quick to add an anti-Tory barb of her own in the policy.”

Earlier in the day, Ms Sturgeon said: “I will condemn any abuse behaviour, I’m not responsible for it, I wasn’t in Perth last night, it wasn’t being done in my name, as far as I’m aware it wasn’t SNP members doing that.

“Neither of these Tory candidates had anything to say to Scotland that was relevant that was important right night.

“Both of them seemed more intent on denying Scotland right to democracy.”

Before Dan added: “But is it any wonder separatist thugs feel inspired to behave like that when Sturgeon herself has consistently spewed the toxic and divisive rhetoric she claims to disapprove of.”

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak both promised greater scrutiny of the Scottish Government ahead of the hustings.

Earlier, Mr Sunak was asked if he would ignore the SNP leader, to which he replied: “No, I don’t want to ignore Nicola Sturgeon, I want to take her on and beat her.

“I think we can make a very strong case for what the UK Government does to help people in Scotland and as chancellor I started that.”

His comments come after his rival Ms Truss claimed she would ignore Ms Sturgeon if she wins the Tory leadership contest, and branded the First Minister an “attention seeker”.