Neil Oliver shuts down Nicola Sturgeon’s bid for second Scottish independence referendum: ‘Not going to happen!’

GB News presenters Neil Oliver and Dan Wootton discussed the SNP leader's plans for a second referendum


GB News host Neil, appearing as a guest on Dan Wootton Tonight, condemned Ms Sturgeon's bid for a second Scottish independence referendum as absurd, stating that it's "not going to happen".

In an interview with Dan, Neil discussed whether struggling Ms Sturgeon actually wants a referendum.

He said: "There;s no legal constitutionally legitimate way in which she can pursue to prosecute this war that she wants to wage."

The leader of the SNP will take to the Scottish Parliament tomorrow where she is expected to outline a road map towards an independence referendum, that her party wants to hold by the end of 2023.

Her determination for a vote is not helped by opinion polls which indicate that Scots' views have not shifted decisively since the 2014 independence referendum, when people rejected leaving the UK by 55 percent to 45 percent.

Neil drew upon the pressures of the cost-of-living crisis, with rising food prices and bills placing increasing strain on individuals and families across the UK, stating how the last thing anybody would want is the "upset of a referendum".

He said the "delusional" claims for a second referendum disregards the "wellbeing of its population".

Despite clear opinion polls, Ms Sturgeon has insisted there is an "indisputable mandate" for a second vote, stating Scotland was "being held back" and that there was a "strong and compelling" case for leaving the UK.

The First Minister stated she had been elected "on a clear commitment to give the people of Scotland the choice of becoming an independent country".

Speaking at a Falklands War commemoration, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "The decision was taken by the Scottish people only a few years ago – in recent memory. I think we should respect that."

Ms Sturgeon claimed if the UK Government "had any respect at all for democracy" it would grant a Section 30 order, allowing a legally-binding referendum to be held, as happened in 2014.

She said she had emphasised to Mr Johnson that she is "ready to discuss the terms of such an order at any time".