Nana Akua invites Keir Starmer onto GB News: ‘Are you afraid to be questioned?'

The Labour Leader has been celebrating 'a very good week' for the Party

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Nana Akua has sent out an open invitation to Sir Keir Starmer after holding a discussion over whether it has been a good week for the Labour Party.

Joined by Calvin Robinson and Leo Kearse, Nana urged the Leader of the Opposition to come and speak with her.

She said: “The problem with Keir Starmer is he considers his words so carefully that he ends up actually saying nothing at all. That is a problem.

Nana Akua invites Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer onto her show
Nana Akua invites Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer onto her show

“Why wouldn’t you come on? Are you afraid to be questioned?”

Comedian Leo Kearse added: “GB News viewers are exactly the people Keir Starmer should be trying to win over.”

Responding, Nana said: “I would like him to come onto this show.

“Keir if you’re watching now, come on to my show. Tell us what you’re about. We want to know because we want a strong opposition against the Conservative Party because they’re not really offering much at the moment, and I suspect GB News viewers would be interested in what they have to say.

“I’m interested in what they have to say.”

It comes after what the Labour leader called the past few days “a very good week for the Labour Party”

It was confirmed on Friday that Starmer and his deputy Angela Rayner would not be issued with a fixed penalty notice over the Beergate scandal.

Speaking at a press conference shortly after the police's statement, Sir Keir said: "This is a very good week for the Labour Party."

Earlier in his speech, the Labour leader said: "It shouldn't be controversial to say that those who make the law, cant break the law. But we have to set the bar far higher than that.

"Our country is stuck in a dangerous rut, everywhere you look things are broken and nothing gets fixed.

"People say to me when they look at those funning the country, they see a group of people totally detached from reality, whose words mean nothing and who put their own interests first.

"Who could blame them for concluding that politics doesn't matter and doesn't work. This is not just about Boris Johnson, this feeling that politics has failed hasn't just emerged in the last few months, it's been bubbling away for years and people have completely lost faith that this can be changed. That politics can be a force to good.