Mum of trans golfer attempting to play in ladies PGA hits back at Judy Murray’s comments: ‘Shame on you’

Hailey Davidson, who has undergone gender reassignment surgery, has been criticised for competing in women's events


The mum of a transgender golfer who is attempting to play in the ladies PGA has hit back at comments made by Judy Murray.

Hailey Davidson is attempting to become the first trans golfer to earn a Ladies Professional Gold Association (LPGA) tour card.

Davidson began hormone therapy in 2015 and has undergone gender reassignment surgery. Before the therapy, the golfer competed as a male.

The LPGA has allowed trans athletes since 2010, as long as they have undergone gender reassignment surgery.

Judy Murray
Judy Murray
Hailey Davidson
Hailey Davidson

But the golfer’s appearance in women’s events have been slammed by some people, including Ms Murray.

The mum of Scottish tennis star Andy Murray tweeted: “Not fair at all. Protect women's sport. Listen to the facts, the scientists and the medics. This is wrong.”

Davidson’s mum, Sandra Davidson, has since hit back, saying: "Shame on Judy Murray for attacking another mother's child.

"You do not know my daughter Hailey and most importantly you know absolutely nothing about transgender men or women and therefore have no rights whatsoever to give your opinion on something you know nothing about.

"Unless you are a parent of a transgender child I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself.

"This woman does not know what she is talking about and should stick to commenting on tennis," she told the Daily Record.