Multiple dogs die after drinking from 'toxic lake' in east London – warning issued

Several dogs were found to have toxic blue or green algae in their systems after drinking from Highams Park Lake in Epping Forest

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A warning has been issued following the deaths of several dogs that were found to have drunk from the “toxic” Highams Park Lake in Epping Forest, east London.

Epping Forest, which includes Highams Park Lake, is managed and owned by the Corporation of London.

However, it was originally owned by the monarch.

Visitors to Hollow Ponds in Epping Forest enjoy the warm weather.
Visitors to Hollow Ponds in Epping Forest enjoy the warm weather.

When Queen Victoria visited Chingford she declared "it gives me the greatest satisfaction to dedicate this beautiful forest to the use and enjoyment of my people for all time" after which it became the “People’s forest".

Dog owners have been advised to bring drinking water while walking in the woods, Epping Forest administrators have said.

They added: "Bringing your canine companion for a walk in Epping Forest? Please take care near water and don't let dogs drinks from or swim in any of the ponds or rivers.

"Water quality is not monitored. Please bring drinking water for your dogs with you."

"Warning issued for Highams Park lake as Toxic algae found”, a statement on Highams Park News read.

"The Council has been made aware of a number of dogs dying after (it is believed) they drank from Highams Park Lake.

"Post mortem results show the presence of a toxic Blue/Green Algae.

"The City of London Corporation, which manages Epping Forest, is warning visitors against swimming, fishing or taking dogs into the water at Highams Park Lake until testing for suspected toxic blue-green algae blooms have been completed."