MP backs GB News campaign to scrap the VAT and stand up to 'embarrassing energy companies'

Chris Evans has called on the government to scrap the VAT and back Brexit voters


A Labour MP has backed GB News' campaign to scrap the VAT, in order to stand up to the big energy companies.

Appearing on Liam Halligan's show, Chris Evans MP has urged the government to back Brexit voters by scrapping the VAT.

The shadow defence minister for procurement claimed big energy companies have British families "over the barrel".

Around 25 energy companies have gone bust as a result of Brexit, with British bills going up as a result.

Mr Evans told us: "I absolutely agree with scrapping the Vat on energy bills.

“VAT is all about being charged on what you buy rather than what you earn but in terms of energy bills this is an absolute essential.

“You’ve got energy bills and you’ve got to warm your house.

“I think the energy companies have us over a barrel.

“It’s in the government’s power now to get rid of VAT and we should do it.

“Also I think for those who voted for Brexit it’s an article of faith as well.

“We were told VAT was going to be taken off energy bills and it needs to be done now.

“The government needs to take action to stand up to these embarrassing energy companies.”