Monkeypox cases rise again after being declared a 'notifiable disease'

43 cases have been detected in England in the space of two days


A further 43 cases of monkeypox have been detected in England in the space of two days, experts have said.

As of today, there are 366 infections across the UK, with 348 in England, 12 in Scotland, four in Wales and two in Northern Ireland.

The virus became a "notifiable disease" in England, meaning all medics must alert local health authorities of any suspected cases.

Women with a rash
Women with a rash

UKHSA's Wendi Shepherd said the move was “key to interrupting transmission and containing any further spread of monkeypox”.

The UKHSA previously announced how the outbreak is “disproportionately” affecting gay or bisexual men who have sex with men, although officials have stressed that anyone can catch it.

The virus can be passed on through sexual activity, coughing or sneezing, or contact with monkeypox scabs, including via bedding, towels or clothing.

Most people recover within several weeks, although some can suffer a severe illness.

The UKHSA said that monkeypox does not usually spread easily and the overall risk to the population remains low.

People who have a rash with blisters, and have been in close contact with a monkeypox carrier or have travelled to West or Central Africa in the last three weeks, are urged to contact a sexual health clinic.

Last month Britons who developed a rash were warned to abstain from sex, as cases of monkeypox sweep the country.

Anyone who has come into contact with the virus, are encouraged to isolate at home, in order to halt the spread.