Millions to see 'shock' increase in energy bills within weeks - Will you be affected?

Energy customers could see a rise in their bills
Energy customers could see a rise in their bills

Millions of people across the UK could see a rise in their energy bills


Energy customers across the UK could receive a surprise rise in bills in the new year as regulator Ofgem sets the new price cap for suppliers on January 1.

In October this year, the government launched the energy price guarantee – a discount scheme on bills which saw the average household on a dual-tariff not paying any more than £2,500.

The average household limit is set to rise to £3,000 in April when the guarantee is extended.

Ofgem will set a new price cap in January which means the discount on bills will change slightly – causing an unexpected rise in millions of bills.

Money expert Martin Lewis has previously warned about the shock rise as some energy firms are set to pass the extra costs to customers while others have not.

Energy firms say rises in bills will depend on where you live, how much energy you use and how you pay.

Some energy firms plan to pass the price hike onto customers
Some energy firms plan to pass the price hike onto customers

Research carried out by The Sun includes what each firm is doing except for British Gas, Utilita, Utility Warehouse and Shell Energy who have not currently responded.


Some customers will see an increase depending on where you live.

A spokesperson for the provider said: "Depending on where our customers live, their meter type, and how they pay for their energy, some customers will see an increase, some a decrease and others will see no change."

Customers will be contacted either by email or letter.

According to the spokesperson the typical prepayment meter customer will pay around £2,579.50 a year while direct debit customers will pay around £2,500 a year on average.

So Energy

Customers will see their bills jump next month with the exception of standard energy tariff customers in the Eastern, Midlands, South Eastern and Southern regions.

But people in those regions on other tariffs will see a hike in prices. A spokesperson for So Energy said all customers affected have already been contacted by email or post.


The firm will not pass on the energy price cap rise to customers on prepayment meters. E.On customers will receive letters about what the price cap “means for them”.

On social media, some customers have said their bills have increased.


Some people will see their energy bills rise in January as a spokesperson for the provider said all affected customers will be contacted by December.

Those paying for energy by cash cheque will see a rise of £39 per year and those on prepayment meters will pay £19 per year.

Octopus Energy

The supplier has decided to absorb the upcoming rises for its customers as well as passing on reductions.

Although around 300,000 customers on Economy 7 tariffs will suffer an increase of eight percent in the new year. All customers affected have been contacted already.

Millions of customers will be affected by energy price hikes
Millions of customers will be affected by energy price hikes

Anyone who thinks there is an error on their bill can dispute it with their supplier via email or post, but this should include why there is an error along with evidence.

Those worried about paying energy bills can seek help via their provider.

Plus millions on benefits and Universal Credit will receive an extra £900 one off payment, along with the Pensioner Cost of Living payment and some can qualify for the Warm House Discount.