Mike Parry calls for 'more consideration' with shaded areas in pubs after claiming his eyeballs get sunburnt in sunshine

The author claimed people are "bullied" into sitting in sunshine

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GB News presenter Dan Wootton probed his guests on whether there should be mandatory shaded areas in outdoor premises, in his show segment titled The Clash.

It sparked a heated discussion between author Mike Parry and publican Adam Brooks.

The debate follows the announcement that the UK could be placed into a Level 4 emergency, as temperatures continue to soar across the country.

On Monday, the Met Office issued an amber weather warning for extreme heat across parts of the UK ahead of further soaring temperatures this week.

Mike Parry outlined his dislike of heat in The Clash
Mike Parry outlined his dislike of heat in The Clash
People flocked to Scarborough beach, North Yorkshire, revelling in the sunshine
People flocked to Scarborough beach, North Yorkshire, revelling in the sunshine

Mr Parry told GB News' Dan "heat is a terrible thing" outlining his opposition to the idea that "we're all supposed to throw our arms up in the air" and "get down to the beach".

He added: "I can't walk in sunshine for more than 30 seconds, because my eyeballs actually get sunburnt.

"So although I don't have my special glasses on tonight, talking to you Dan, I have to have a special pair of glasses on, that change the darkness related to the amount of sunshine getting into my face, just so that I can see."

He emphasised his opposition to the heat, outlining how he also endures skin rashes and feels extremely uncomfortable.

Debating whether pubs should provide shaded areas for customers, Mr Parry said "people should be able to be there in comfort" adding "shade is what makes people feel they want to be there" outlining how some are " bullied" into sitting into sunshine.

Publican Adam Brooks branded Mr Parry's motive as "utterly ridiculous" claiming he believed his thoughts were a "wind up" initially.

Mr Brooks acknowledged how he had recently built a pergola in his beer garden, placing a variety of benches underneath to provide shade for his customers, but added how the idea that the "state is here to protect people's lifestyle choices" is "ridiculous".

Probing Mr Brooks on the Government's decision to provide payment to people who "suffer from the cold in the winter" asking him "why aren't the government giving me a payment for my air conditioning in my penthouse flat to keep me cool, surely it's the same?"

The publican replied saying it "sounds like you shouldn't leave that penthouse flat" adding "you're a grown man, and I'm sorry that you've got these conditions".

Holding up a picture of an umbrella hat, Mr Brooks suggested that the broadcaster should don a similar headdress in order to battle the heat, adding: "I'll treat you to one, mate."

Concluding, Mr Parry said: "What I want is some consideration and some shade, that is all."

The debate follows an announcement from UKHSA, which declared when the heat is so extreme that "illness and death may occur among the fit and healthy".

Network Rail also warned speed restrictions are likely to be in place this week on some parts of the network most affected by the hot weather.