Met Police veteran says modern officers are 'too woke' and British public are 'losing faith' in forces

Norman Brennan said when he joined the police, officers didn’t need to “paint our faces” or have “multi coloured police cars”


A Metropolitan police veteran said modern officers are “too woke” and the British public are “losing faith” in forces across the country.

Norman Brennan, who has been a police officer for 31 years, said when he joined the force, officers didn’t need to “paint our faces” or have “multi coloured police cars”.

His comments come just days after Lincolnshire Police officers were slammed for doing the Macarena during a Gay Pride celebration.

Speaking on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, Mr Brennan said: “I’ve been a police officers for 31 years, I’ve been in law and order and policing for 43 years.

Officers were seen performing the Macarena
Officers were seen performing the Macarena
Dan Wootton and Norman Brennan
Dan Wootton and Norman Brennan

“When I joined the police service, we engaged with the public. We didn’t need to paint our faces, we didn’t need to have multi coloured police cars.

“And keep banging on about our sexuality like so many senior police officers did.

"What we did is we engaged with the public, we walked the beat, we interacted with them, shared information, we supported them, we protected them and when they gave us the information of those that committed crime, we arrested them.”

He added: “That is what community engagement is all about.

“The sad reality is nowadays with all the prancing about and TikTokking and let’s be honest about it, Gay Pride and the rest of it is not impartial.

“There is a view, there is an empathy for this type of person.

“What the public want and what I know tens of thousands of frontline police officers want is everybody to wear the same uniform, the same oath, be impartial, walk the streets, protect the public, turn up when victims and victims of crime, investigate the crime, it’s a simple as that.

He later added: “Waving a flag for our Queen on that particular special day, absolutely.

“Getting down on our knees to Black Lives Matter, absolutely not, it’s one of the biggest own goals.

“The sad reality is that the police has lost the streets of Britain, the public are losing faith and confidence in the police, they never see them.

“So when you asked are they too woke, I’m afraid we are.”