Member of public admits he's 'exhausted trying not to offend people' in chat with GB News

The viewer spoke about his fears of being labelled as racist for expressing himself


A GB News viewer has told of how exhausted he is with trying not to offend people.

Last night, Patrick Christys, on Dan Wootton Tonight, discussed the issue of illegal immigration.

Questions arose over how people could express their concerns around increasing illegal immigration and Channel crossings.

An interview with a member of the public was presented on the show to shed light on the question.

Patrick Christys
Patrick Christys

The British man complained about how he feels censored in society because of his views on illegal immigration.

He told GB News: “I don’t want to be the bad guy and say we should have borders”.

Our interviewer went on to ask, “Do you think people will call you racist?”.

The member of the public then replied “Yeah”, going on to state that he restrains himself from expressing his views because “it’s kind of common sense isn’t it”.

He elaborated, detailing how" “I censor myself nowadays… I go to say things, I’m not a racist, and then I have to reel myself in.

“I permanently walk around trying not to offend people, it’s exhausting”.

This comes as the World Health Organization has decided to change the name of Monkeypox due to concerns over it being discriminatory.

A group of researchers pushed for the change, arguing for a “non-discriminatory and non-stigmatizing nomenclature”.

The goal is to avoid overt association of the virus with places where it is endemic, such as in central and southern Africa, to prevent discrimination.

The new name proposed is hMPXV, where the ‘h’ represents ‘human’ to denote it as a human version of the virus.