Meghan Markle has 'convinced Prince Harry that his family is awful' says royal biographer

Angela Levin said it was unlikely that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would visit the Queen on their trip to the UK


A royal biographer has hit out at Meghan Markle for what she sees as convincing Prince Harry that his family is awful.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are due to visit the UK in early September, dropping in to Manchester for the One Young World Summit.

But the pair are not expected to visit the Queen or other members of the royal family on their fleeting visit.

Ms Markle has since given an exclusive interview to Cut magazine, where she claims she has finally got her voice back since the pair left the royals.

Angela Levin hit out at Meghan Markle
Angela Levin hit out at Meghan Markle

And royal biographer, Angela Levin, told GB News her interview showed "breathtaking arrogance".

She told Colin Brazier: "It's breathtaking her arrogance and her rudeness, and her 'taking everything for granted and not giving anything back attitude'."

She also hit out at the Duke of Sussex for not visiting his grandmother amid an ongoing row over his security detail.

She added: "I think it's a tragedy that she has convinced Harry that his family is so awful.

"To say they won't go up and see her [the Queen] is spiteful in my view because it's not dangerous up there, there's nothing to see for miles so it doesn't need protection 24/7.

"The whole thing of 'are you coming? Aren't you coming?' Make your mind up. And then to decide not to when she's 96.

"We hear that she's got problems and she's got to rest more, we don't know how long she's got."

"She does love Harry, and if he could pop in for 10 minutes I think it's worth his while flying there to do so."