Meghan Markle dubbed ‘intensely irritating third-rate actress trying to wreck Royal Family'

The political columnist slammed Meghan Markle as an "intensely irritating American"


Political columnist Andrew Pierce dubbed Meghan Markle a "third-rate American actress" in an exclusive interview with GB News presenter Nigel Farage.

When discussing race in politics, surmising over the possible leadership contest within the Conservative Party, the pair commented on Nadhim Zahawi's chances of one day taking over.

Mr Pierce noted how Mr Zahawi would be the first non-white Tory leader if bids to remove Boris Johnson surfaced again, surmising: "What would that say to the Labour Party with their inclusivity?"

Daily Mail political columnist Andrew Pierce spoke to GB News Presenter Nigel Farage in Talking Pints
Daily Mail political columnist Andrew Pierce spoke to GB News Presenter Nigel Farage in Talking Pints
Andrew Pierce condemned Meghan Markle as a 'third-rate actress'
Andrew Pierce condemned Meghan Markle as a 'third-rate actress'

Nigel questioned: "Why do we look at people like this?"

He added: "I couldn't care less Andrew, I'm not interested into whether people are black, or white or gay, I couldn't care less."

The Daily Mail political columnist provided an anecdote, where he recently faced media backlash for his stance on the Duchess of Sussex.

He retaliated at claims of racism he received following his comments adding: "When I see Meghan Markle, I don't seem a black women, I don't see a women of colour.

"I see an intensely irritating American, third rate actress, who's doing everything she can to wreck the Royal Family."

Following the incident, Mr Pierce was deemed a racist on social media, adding: "I was trending."

It comes after the Duchess was pictured attending the Project Fearless initiative in Amsterdam in April earlier this year, while in the Netherlands for the Invictus Games.

The Dutch non-profit organisation on Monday showed Meghan hugging a beaming young participant, who cheered with her hand in the air in a team photo with the youngsters.

She was captured sitting cross-legged in a discussion circle, then standing by a whiteboard with members of the group.

In a statement released by Archewell, Meghan said: "Safe, supportive spaces like Project Fearless allow girls the opportunity to express themselves, build each other up, gain resilience and tackle new challenges.”

The aim of Project Fearless is to provide girls and non-binary young people aged nine to 14 with the tools to succeed through after-school courses, including, among others, on climate science, skateboarding, kickboxing and entrepreneurship.