Meghan Markle and Prince Harry release new pictures of themselves - days after Royal Family release official portrait

The photographs were taken during the couple's recent visit to the UK

Meghan Markle and husband Prince Harry have released new photographs from their recent visit to the UK.

The images were taken ahead of the couple's appearance at the One Young World Summit in Manchester on September 5th.

Taken by celebrity photographer and friend of the couple, Misan Harriman, who has previously photographed stars including Rihanna and Stormzy, the pictures were captured just moments before the US actress made a speech on 'empowerment' at the charity event

Taking to social media Harriman captioned his work 'The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moments before attending the opening ceremony of OneYoungWorld last month.'

The pictures were released just two days after King Charles, Queen Consort and the Prince and Princess of Wales released their new official portrait - marking the end of the official mourning period following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Much was made of the significance of the new 'Fab Four' a nickname once used to describe the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they were known, and Meghan and Harry.

Commentators pointed out that the exclusion of the Sussexes from the official portrait made it clear there was 'no way back' for the Montecito based couple to official royal life, where others highlighted the portrait reflected Kings Charles III desire for a 'slimmed down' monarchy.

The latest Sussex portrait comes as Harry and Meghan have parted ways with their PR firm Sunshine Sachs, who have represented the Duchess since her days as an actress on Suits.

An insider told the MailOnline that the move was a 'really big deal for Meghan. She takes the view that she doesn't need to pay an outside firm a lot of money to do PR for her and Harry anymore'.

Sunshine Sachs' partner Keleigh Thomas Morgan has played an instrumental role in establishing the Sussexes in California, introducing them to influential and famous people through her extensive A-List network.