Meghan and Harry 'overestimated popularity' in US and threw 'two-year tantrum' before Queen meeting, politician claims

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry secretly visited the Queen while en route to the Invictus Games


Meghan and Harry "overestimated their popularity" in the US and threw a “'two-year tantrum” before meeting the Queen, a critic of their covert visit to the UK has said.

Beatrice Cardenas, who is running for California's 28th Congressional District, made the remarks after the revelation that the couple secretly visited the monarch yesterday while en route to the Invictus Games.

Ms Cardenas tweeted: "Looks like their two-year-long tantrum is finally over and they can finally humble themselves knowing they overestimated their popularity."

The significant visit came after considerable tension between the Sussexes and Royal Family after Harry and Meghan left Buckingham Palace for a life in Hollywood in 2019.

Meghan and Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Meghan and Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex
The Queen met Meghan and Harry for the first time in years
The Queen met Meghan and Harry for the first time in years

Ms Cardenas’ remarks stand out against the wave of reactions that praise the couple for extending an “olive branch” to their family.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said yesterday’s visit would have made the Queen very happy despite the couple’s highly publicised criticism of the royals.

Ms Seward said: “It is a wonderful opportunity to clear the air and offer an olive branch. After everything that has gone on it must have taken a lot for Harry and Meghan to go to Windsor.

“Also Maundy Thursday is a very special day for the Queen as it is about forgiveness. She is not one to hold grudges and I think she would have happily welcomed them with open arms.”

Royal biographer Phil Dampier also told The Sun: "I think Harry has realised that it looked very bad that he didn't come to Prince Philip's memorial service and perhaps he's having second thoughts about how he's been playing things.

"Most of all I'm sure Charles was happy as I'm sure he would like to repair their relationship. This seems to have been the first tentative step in repairing their relationship.

"It would have been nice if Prince William was able to see him as well. I think it means Harry is finally rebuilding some bridges."

Harry and Meghan’s unannounced return to the UK comes as the Queen is expected to miss another traditional event of the Easter period on Sunday.

Since recovering from Covid in February, which she admitted left her feeling “very tired and exhausted”, the Queen has also been experiencing mobility issues.

Harry and Meghan have not been in the UK together since they quit as senior working royals more than two years ago.

Their trip to Britain, completed en route to the Invictus Games in The Hague, comes after the pair were absent from the Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial service in London last month.

Harry is bringing a claim against the Home Office after being told he would no longer be given the same degree of personal protective security when visiting from the US, despite offering to pay for it himself.