Mark Labbett reveals he gets groped by women at 'most' public events: 'If I did that to you I'd be in the cells'

The Beast from the Chase says he's a sex symbol for ladies of all ages


The Beast from the Chase Mark Labbett has revealed how becoming an unlikely sex symbol has led to unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

Labbett, 56, has lost up to seven stone after splitting from his wife.

As well as being a professional quizzer, Labbett appears up and down the country in public appearances.

But in the "majority" of these appearances, Mark says fans often take it too far with the physical contact

He told Dan Wootton Tonight: "I'm really lucky with what happens to me there's no element of coercion or fear.

Mark Labbett
Mark Labbett

"But you can't help but think of the alternative when a lady pulls you in for a kiss, if I did that to you I'd be going to the cells.

"It's wrong what women do in that situation but at the same time I wasn't harmed at all."

The Chaser added that he had become an unlikely sex symbol for women of all ages after appearing on the quiz show for a number of years.

Mark said that being groped happened at all kinds of events, from nightclub appearances to appearing at the bingo.

And this has led to him hiring a bodyguard.

He explained: "He's an ex pub landlord so he's far more experienced with people who've had a drink.

"He's handy when the little old lady comes round and squeezes my arse for the third time."

Mark also found himself at the centre of a sexism storm when he posted a tweet about Carol Vorderman's assets.

This is despite Carol sending him a cheeky reply.