Mark Dolan: Prince Harry is now facing the consequences of his actions - this ginger is seeing red

Right royal numpty, the Ginger Windsor himself Prince Harry is demanding royal security protection when he comes to the UK.


Right royal numpty, the Ginger Windsor himself Prince Harry is demanding royal security protection when he comes to the UK.

He has launched legal action against the UK government, to have the same police protection he enjoyed before renouncing royal duties.

To be fair, he has offered to foot the bill himself, but it's clear to me that he is seeking the privilege of royalty, without fulfilling any of the duties.

Royal protection, but no royal responsibility. Sounds like having your royal cake and eating it.

I don't know why he's worried, he travels everywhere that terrifying wife of his, Yoko Moano, Meghan Markle.

This is a royal couple that hate the royal family and its traditions so much, but have have clung on to their titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Whether it's eco-double standards, lecturing us about global warming whilst jetting around the world, living in a mansion with 16 bathrooms, or attempting to destroy an national institution whose privileges they won't quite relinquish, hypocrisy is the recurring theme with these two.

Why have they clung on to the Sussex titles? Why is he still Prince Harry? Because these venerated titles are what bring in the money.

The fact that they are still Duke and Duchess are what get these multi million dollar deals with Spotify, Netflix and multinational banking organisations across the line. Nice work if you can get it. So you can't have it both ways.

You can't reject the values and traditions of our royal family, whilst at the same time making colossal amounts of money off the back of it.

I’ve got no problem with this couple leaving the country and getting on with their lives. I can’t imagine anything worse than life in the gilded cage of royalty.

But if you're going to go – go.

Give up the titles, give up the privileges and give up the endless complaining. If you are leaving, do it properly. Megxit means Megxit.

We've got to have a proper Megxit, a full fat Megxit, not Megxit in name only. In my view, this couple lost public support after the nonsense they peddled in their tell all Oprah interview.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, for example, debunked the idea, that they married three days before their actual wedding.

And with that, their testimony to the Queen of US chat, collapsed like a House of Cards.

Harry used to be the most liked member of the royal family, second only to the Queen.

Megan Markle was welcomed with open arms, with the UK press salivating at the prospect of a new star to fill their column inches.

Lovely though she is, given Kate Middleton's rather anodyne nature, they imagined they’d found the new Diana not in Kate but in Meghan. It was all to play for. But the couple chose a different path.

They courted the fame and press coverage when it suited them, particularly Meghan, who was previously only known for starring in a TV show called Suits.

No, me neither. Well it suits you sir, slagging off the royal family and by association this country, and yet asking us to provide royal police protection.

Of course I want the couple to be ultra safe and they should have the fullest protection. But like any non-royal celebrity, it’s their responsibility, not ours.

I actually don't blame Meghan in all of this. Because Harry is the one, that has allowed this to happen.

He has seen his own family diminished and denigrated in podcasts, books and TV shows. He has shifted his family, lock, stock and barrel, across the pond.

He was the one who has publicly criticised his father’s shortcomings when growing up as a child, and he who ran a coach and horses through his relationship with his own brother William.

The world’s most famous strawberry blonde is now facing the consequences of his actions – this ginger is seeing red.

And it's not a good look for the Queens grandson to be dragging the British government, through the courts.

But this is nothing new from this highly litigious couple. They love a court case.

The only positive for Harry right now, is the existence of Prince Andrew. A member of the Windsor family, even less popular than him.

Although Harry, is giving him a run for his money.