Marine Le Pen drops hint she will take France out of the EU if she beats Macron

Mr Macron has accused her of secretly wanting out of the bloc

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Marine Le Pen has hinted that she could take France out of the European Union if she beats Emmanuel Macron in the upcoming Presidential election run-off.

Ms Le Pen had previously campaigned for “Frexit” but eased off the policy in a bid to gain more supporters.

But she has now seemingly taken a U-turn, saying during a speech on Tuesday: “The French can reassess their presence on whichever international organisations they choose.

“In the case of a referendum that is against the fundamental interests of the country, the president and the National Assembly can oppose it.

Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen will take on Emmanuel Macron in a run-off later this month
Marine Le Pen will take on Emmanuel Macron in a run-off later this month

"But that is not the case with an exit from the EU."

Mr Macron has accused Ms Le Pen of secretly wanting to leave the bloc.

He said during a speech in Strasbourg: "She says that she wants an alliance of nation states.

"But she is going to find herself in a corner and she is going to try to come up with an alliance with her friends.

"The EU has changed the life of this country. This election is a referendum on Europe."

Mr Macron will face a tough battle to retain office against Ms Le Pen in a run-off presidential vote on April 24, after gaining a close victory in the first round of voting.

The current President won 27.8 percent of votes ahead of Ms Le Pen’s 23.2 percent in the first round of voting on Sunday, but is struggling to convince working class voters to vote for him in the upcoming runoff.

Heading into the run-off round, both candidates will be hunting for votes of supporters of hard-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon, who came in third in the first round just behind Ms Le Pen with 22 percent of the votes.