Mariah Carey tells Meghan Markle: ‘You give us diva moments sometimes’

Mariah Carey has opened up to the Duchess of Sussex about feeling as though she 'didn't fit in' at school


Singer Mariah Carey told the Duchess of Sussex she did not fit in at school and has “always felt like other” during their podcast interview.

The pop superstar, 53, shared her experience growing up as a mixed-race child with Meghan Markle who acknowledged she had a similar upbringing.

Speaking about her childhood, Carey said: “I lived with my mum and we moved like 14 times. So I had nothing, no money, nothing.

“I didn’t fit in.

“I remember being in school in this predominantly white neighbourhood where my mum felt comfortable and I tried my best to feel comfortable.

“But this kid was in the hallway and he said ‘Mariah has three shirts and she wears them on rotation’ and it was true.

In a new podcast, Meghan Markle spoke to Mariah Carey.
In a new podcast, Meghan Markle spoke to Mariah Carey.

“The fact that he noticed that, I’m like ‘Why you so obsessed with me?’ But in a world where you’re the mixed kid of a full on white neighbourhood, that’s what you get.”

After Carey exclaimed she “didn’t fit in anywhere”, Meghan said: “I understand that.”

The duchess continued: “I think for us, it’s very different because we’re light skinned. You’re not treated as a black woman. You’re not treated as a white woman. You sort of fit in between.”

Titled The Duality Of Diva With Mariah Carey, the episode explores the word “diva” and the negative connotations associated with the word.

The All I Want For Christmas Is You singer told how she wanted to be glamorous growing up: “I felt like an ugly little girl because I did not fit in with anybody.

Meghan Markle has sparked controversy following an interview with The Cut.
Meghan Markle has sparked controversy following an interview with The Cut.

“The diva thing evolved and it continues to evolve and I play with it, it’s for laughs.

“I think all people that are ‘other,’ if they want to show up with green hair…or they want to be fabulous and glamorous, that is up to them.

“I’ve always felt like other.”

During the 46-minute episode of the Archetypes podcast released on Tuesday, Carey recalled feeling “part of something” for the first time at Oprah Winfrey’s 2006 Legends Ball alongside singing greats.

She said: “That Legends Ball was something that nobody could ever forget, but just being there and having all these women that you grew up watching, like the Tina Turners and the Diana Rosses.

“It was just an amazing, amazing, amazing moment that I think everybody that was there will never forget.

“It made you feel part of something and I don’t think I’ve ever felt part of anything.”

Actress Mindy Kaling will be the next guest on Meghan’s podcast.