Manchester United vow to 'educate fans' after Hillsborough Disaster chants at Liverpool

Man United have said they will seek to 'educate fans' after the incident


Manchester United have condemned the behaviour of fans who sang offensive chants about the Hillsborough Disaster at Liverpool on Tuesday as “completely unacceptable”.

Video footage has emerged of a section of United fans taunting their rivals over the tragedy that claimed 97 lives in 1989 during their 4-0 defeat at Anfield.

United have said they will seek to educate fans.

A club spokesman said: “Manchester United stands in solidarity with Liverpool FC and its fans in remembering the victims of the Hillsborough Disaster. Offensive chants about the tragedy are completely unacceptable and we will work with our supporters’ groups to educate fans on the issue.”

Manchester United fans
Manchester United fans

The chants came after Liverpool fans had joined in with a minute’s support for United forward Cristiano Ronaldo, who was absent from the game following the death of his new-born child, as they sang their anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

The unsavoury scenes, and subsequent apology, come just days after Manchester City were forced to apologise after their fans sang during a minute’s silence ahead of the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday.

Ralf Rangnick admitted he was embarrassed after watching his Manchester United side get thoroughly outplayed as Liverpool returned to the top of the table with a 4-0 win.

United barely got a touch of the ball as Luis Diaz and Mohamed Salah put Liverpool in control before half-time, and though a change of formation briefly helped United improve after the break, further goals from Sadio Mane and Salah finished them off.

It was another chastening result for United, who have lost 9-0 on aggregate to Liverpool this season, and have now conceded more goals than relegation-threatened Burnley.

Too often at Anfield, they appeared to lack the required fight or effort to pursue their target of a top-four finish.

“I don’t think they have mentally checked out, it is just a different level,” Rangnick said. “(Liverpool) have better players than we have and this was really reflected by the result today.

“There will be a rebuild for sure, that was obvious in the first three or four weeks for me. For us it is extremely embarrassing as a coaching staff to sit here and have a press conference like this. We just have to admit they are better than us.”