Manchester tram driver tells commuters over the tannoy: ‘My wife thinks I’m having an affair!’

Video shared online shows one passenger barely containing his laughter


A tram driver in Manchester has given commuters a reason to smile on their travels after telling them his wife thinks he is having an affair.

Making an announcement on a Metrolink service, the employee revealed a little more about himself than usual.

“All of a sudden I've become extremely friendly to everyone.

“I used to be a right miserable sod, and now I talk to my neighbours – they're in complete shock.

“But it's not all fun and games.

“Because I was a grumpy old fella, and my personality has changed completely – you won't believe this when I tell you – but my wife thinks I'm having an affair!

“I just can't believe it.”

Sharing the video on Twitter, Zack Hallam decribed the member of staff as an “absolute legend”.

Replying to the post, Manchester Metrolink said the driver “loves a story!”

Other commuters left comments on Zack’s tweet, saying the driver is “brilliant “, with another saying “stuff like this reminds me why I fell in love [with Manchester]”,