Man who broke into police station wielding seven-inch knife jailed

During police interviews, Craig Hodson claimed he had a bounty on his head and broke into the station to hide and seek help


A man who broke into a police station carrying a seven-inch knife has been jailed.

Craig Hodson, 36, of Wells Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was found hiding in a chief inspector’s office at the city’s British Transport Police (BTP) station, according to the force.

BTP said officers in the station were alerted by “a banging sound”.

There was “extensive damage” to exterior and interior doors, and an attempt had been made to cut a security cable attached to a police laptop.

Craig Hodson
Craig Hodson

CCTV footage showed Hodson “waving a seven-inch knife around as he approached the station”, according to BTP.

The knife was found hidden behind a wardrobe in the chief inspector’s office.

During police interviews, Hodson claimed he had a bounty on his head and broke into the station to hide and seek help.

He was handed a 25-week prison sentence at Doncaster Magistrates’ Court on July 28 after pleading guilty to burglary and possessing a knife, BTP said.

Investigating officer Pc Peter Hogg said: “Hodson claimed he was carrying the knife for protection and broke into the police station to find a place of safety.

“Why he chose not to contact the police in a more orthodox manner remains a mystery, although the fact that office equipment had been tampered with and damaged renders this excuse somewhat unbelievable.

“If you need to contact us you can call 0300 405040, text us on 61016 or, if you’re at a station, ring the bell at the police station. In an emergency always call 999.

“I would not recommend forcibly entering the station unless you’re prepared to pay the consequences with a jail term.”