Macron humiliated as Western leaders turn on French President after Russia fiasco

Emmanuel Macron seemingly ghosted by President Putin

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Last weekend French President Emmanuel Macron tried to set up a summit between President Biden and President Putin.

The French government argued it was an attempt to keep chances of a diplomatic solution over Ukraine on life support.

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron

However, following a midnight phone call between Macron and Putin, the Russian President was reportedly acting as if the phone call had not taken place. The French president has seemingly been ghosted by Putin.

Politico have reported that earlier this month, officials in France "excitedly claimed" Macron had "received assurances Russia would not invade and the crisis would be deescalated".

They also reported that a senior diplomatic source has said that the French leader had suffered a "total humiliation."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a call with Emmanuel Macron this afternoon and updated him on the new sanctions the UK unveiled against Russia today.

The Prime Minister said that President Putin’s actions were a gross violation of international law, and by sending forces into Eastern Ukraine he had ripped up the Budapest and Minsk agreements.

Boris Johnson also said Russia’s actions don’t just threaten Ukraine’s sovereignty, "but are a blatant attack on freedom and democracy".