M25 protesters deny causing accident involving woman with serious injuries

Campaign group insulate Britain says its “action will continue”


Campaign group insulate Britain says its “action will continue” in spite of a serious accident on the M25 yesterday involving 4 vehicles near to one of their protest sites.

A woman in her 50s was airlifted to hospital with serious injuries after a crash occurred on the anticlockwise road at Junction 9.

In a statement, Insulate Britain says “our hearts are with her and her family. The accident happened at least 30 mins after the police had brought the road to a halt and it was six miles from the Insulate Britain protest.”

89 activists from Insulate Britain, which is demanding Government action on home insulation, stopped traffic on three sections of Britain’s busiest motorway shortly after 8am on Wednesday – the second time in three days.

They targeted Junctions 1a and 1b for Dartford, Kent, the main carriageway between Junction 8 at Reigate and Junction 9 at Leatherhead, Surrey, and Junction 23 for South Mimms, Hertfordshire.

The group deny that their action caused the accident at Junction 9 and say they are “waiting for the conclusions” of the Surrey Police investigation.

In a response they say: “the M25 is the most dangerous road in the UK, with over 600 'incidents' a year. There is currently no evidence to suggest the accident today was due to our protests.”

Surrey Police says “the investigation into the circumstances of the collision remains ongoing”

The group took to Britain's busiest motorway at 8.24am, tweeting to say “#Insulate Britain are back”.

Demonstrators sat on the road while stranded motorists beeped their horns.

Videos posted on social media showed angry drivers remonstrating with the activists.

Surrey Police said the accident happened at “around 9am” at Junction 9.

At 10.04am, Highways England said there were approximately 7 miles of congestion back to Junction 12 as a result of “multiple incidents”.

Protesters were cleared from Junction 8 and Junction 10 at 10.15am according to Highways England.

71 arrests were made.

When asked by GB News if the group factored in the risk of accidents, the group responded: “safety has been central to the design of this action, and locations were chosen with this in mind.

“While the immediate safety of those involved is crucial, we are taking this action to ensure the safety of families who will continue to suffer through freezing winters due to a reckless government gambling with their future.”

On future action, the group says "our action will continue until the government issues a meaningful statement on its intention to insulate Britain's homes.

"We need urgent plans to reduce the UK’s emissions while supporting working people, creating real jobs and protecting our children's future"