Love Island star tells Nigel Farage she wants to become an MP

Reality star Sharon Gafka said she definitely didn't want to follow other Love Island contestants and be 'just an influencer'

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Love Island star Sharon Gaffka has revealed she plans to run for Parliament in the future while speaking to Nigel Farage on GB News.

Since her stint on series seven of the hit summer series, Ms Gaffka has led campaigns to boost awareness of drink spiking and improve online safety for young women.

She’s used her platform to lobby parliament and call for more legislation on anti-spiking and new measures that will better support victims.

She told Nigel: “My focus is on protecting young women on the internet, there is a very fine line between criticism and abuse."

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Sharon Gaffka speaking to Nigel Farage on GB News
Sharon Gaffka speaking to Nigel Farage on GB News

The 26 year old added: "I talk very passionately about spiking and police prevent of spiking on social media and I get a lot of young men telling me I ‘don’t know how to take a joke’ and I ‘don’t have a sense of humour’.

Nigel asked the reality tv star what her plans for the future were to which she replied: "I would love to see myself as a member of Parliament one day or some kind of investigative journalism.”

She added: “I definitely don't want the standard influencer jobs you see from Love Islanders.

Nigel said: “I think you have every chance of becoming an MP, I can spot them a mile off."

GB News presenter Nigel Farage
GB News presenter Nigel Farage

He added: “I think it’s great that you’ve used your celebrity from Love Island to go out and campaign about things you care about and about things that matter.”

Ms Gaffka was a victim of drink spiking herself. In July 2020 she was found unconscious in a toilet cubicle by her friends while out for lunch, with no memory of the incident.

After several campaigns backed by her MP David Johnston, the prison sentence for people found to be unlawfully possessing or supplying drugs used to spike drinks were extended earlier this month.

At the time, the conservative MP said: “Spiking – and the fear of spiking – has been a blight on people trying to enjoy a night out with friends and family for too long.

“The changes announced today are an important step towards ensuring that those who prey on people in order to try and take advantage of them are given the punishments they deserve.”