Lord Frost piles pressure on Boris Johnson to invest in UK fracking or face rationing


David Frost, Former Brexit Secretary, has called on the Government to invest in UK fracking following the economic fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Lord Frost wrote: “Vladimir Putin's unjust and evil war on Ukraine has finally reminded everyone that if your energy supplies are at the mercy of a dictator you have one of two unpleasant choices.

“One is to keep the gas coming and pay for it… The other is to turn off the gas.

The Tory peer argues that if the UK continues to rely on Russian gas supplies, they will “protect Russia from sanctions” and “fund its war machine”.

But he also warns that if the UK discontinues importing energy products from Russia, supplies in Britain might need to be rationed.

The UK does not import much oil and gas from Russia, but the country would not be immune to the consequences as prices are likely to shoot up.

Britain imports approximately three percent of its gas from Russia, comparatively much less to other European countries such as Germany.

Writing for The Sun, Lord Frost continued: “We would have to compete with others for gas.

"Hard-pressed people here could easily see energy bills soar further.

"That is why it was so foolish of us to stop shale gas extraction in this country in 2019.”

The Tory peer is among many that are now speaking out against the moratorium placed on fracking in 2019 in a bid to combat sky-rocketing gas prices.

Last week, it was reported Jacob Rees-Mogg, Minister for Brexit Opportunities, suggested there should be a return to shale gas extraction.

This morning Former Defence Secretary Michael Portillo told GB News: “I am tired of being lectured by others. We have been lectured by the EU about going green, and what have they been doing? They've been making themselves 40 percent dependent on Russian gas."

Cuadrilla hydraulic fracturing site at Preston New Road shale gas exploration site in Lancashire
Cuadrilla hydraulic fracturing site at Preston New Road shale gas exploration site in Lancashire

He also commented on the increased use of renewable energy not being reliable and that the UK also needs to rethink its nuclear policy.

In the coming days, the UK's only shale gas wells are to be abandoned after the industry regulator The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) ordered them to be sealed.

“I cant think of anything madder than to put concrete over gas wells,” Mr Portillo told GB News this morning on Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel.

Amid rising gas prices many are calling for a reversal of the decision.

The concrete Cuadrilla's chief executive Francis Egan said the OGA order "had not been properly thought through" amid an "energy crisis".