London restaurant slammed for selling duck's neck for £18: 'This is too much'

Chefs at Westerns Laundry in Highbury posted an image on Instagram of their latest creation - a duck's neck stuffed with turnips and lentils.


A North London seafood restaurant has received criticism online after chefs posted an image of their latest dish.

The Westerns Laundry in Highbury have shocked Instagram users on Thursday when they posted their £18 plate of stuffed ducks neck.

The photo of the dish included a caption describing it as stuffed with turnips and lentils.

One startled Instagram user wrote: "No that is too much". However, the dish divided opinion as other users praised the culinary creation, with one chef saying "Yum".

A separate photo, posted by the chefs, showed the price of the food on a menu which also featured a mackerel, smoked eel, pollock and cuttlefish dishes.

The restaurant has received positive reviews by well-known food critic Jay Rayner after it opened in 2017.

The Guardian critic said The Westerns Laundry was a "class act", calling it a "smart, skilled kitchen with some tables attached".

The dish of stuffed duck's neck was the third most expensive of the ones listed on Thursday's menu.