Lockdown sceptic MP 'believes in forgiveness' after being DEMONISED in pandemic – ‘It’s water off a duck’s back’

Sir Desmond Swayne had been a vocal critical of the government's pandemic policies


A Conservative MP who was a vocal critic of lockdown has said he forgives those who demonised him during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sir Desmond Swayne previously criticised Boris Johnson and his government for their decisions and handling of the coronavirus.

Speaking to Calvin Robison on GB News, the Conservative MP said his Christian faith helped his decisions as the virus spread globally.

“I have certain values which I believe are biblically based. I don't test particular political decisions for theological soundness. It's just that I have values which I believe are biblically based, and I will pursue issues and causes and behave in a certain way.

“Because I have those views in terms of lockdown, I felt very strongly that people should not be prevented from having the sacraments of the church and be able to go to church and be able to exercise individually liberty and make an assessment for themselves as to what risks they were prepared to take. Personal responsibility. What an old-fashioned thought.”

Asked if he forgave those who demonised him throughout the pandemic, the Tory MP said he was used to criticism.

“It’s water off a duck's back. The reality is if you're in politics you have to have a thick skin because people will always put the worst possible interpretation on your actions. And denounce you for all sorts of things that you've not done or not said.

“I know that some politicians keep a little notebook of all the people they need to get back at, but I'm immune from that. I'm a Christian. I believe in forgiveness.”

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