Local elections 2022: How to find a full list of who you can vote for in your area

Voters around the UK will go to the ballot box on Thursday May 5


Every council seat in Scotland, Wales, London and many parts of England up for grabs, along with the election of a new Northern Ireland assembly.

Voters will head to the polls to elect:

  • Every local authority in Scotland, Wales and London.
  • South Yorkshire’s regional mayor plus the borough councils of Barnsley and Sheffield.
  • 60 district councils, 31 Metropolitan boroughs and 19 unitary authorities across the rest of England.
  • County councils in North Yorkshire and Somerset.
  • All 90 seats in the Northern Ireland assembly.
  • Local mayors in Croydon, Hackney, Lewisham, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Watford.
  • There is also a referendum in Bristol on whether to keep or abolish the city’s elected mayor.
Ballot box
Ballot box
Election count
Election count

Here’s how to find out who is standing:

Online checker ‘Who Can I Vote For’ provides a full list of candidates standing in every applicable area.

You can visit the website here.

Enter your postcode and it will show you the full list of elections you can vote in on polling day.

It also offers a brief guide to every individual standing.

Where is your polling station?

Details about your polling station, which is likely to be a public building such as a school or community hall, will be included on the polling card sent to you in the post.

If you have not received or lost your card, you can check on the Electoral Commission website by entering your postcode.

If it doesn’t have the suitable details, you can try contacting your local council.