Liz Truss shown reassuring Boris Johnson as she's made favourite to replace PM

The Foreign Secretary appeared to show her support for the Prime Minister after he apologised for attending the No 10 party by giving his leg a reassuring squeeze.


Boris Johnson made his first public appearance since an email inviting Downing Street staff to a gathering on 20 May 2020 was leaked, apologising during Prime Ministers Questions for attending the event.

The Foreign Secretary Liz Truss appeared to reassure Boris Johnson after he spoke in the Commons and was seen to take the Prime Minster's arm and give his leg a reassuring squeeze.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the public “rage” over the incident as he battled to save his premiership, with Downing Street insisting he was never sent an email inviting people to “socially distanced drinks” in the garden.

Mr Johnson told MPs that he attended the May 20 2020 gathering for around 25 minutes to “thank groups of staff” but “with hindsight I should have sent everyone back inside”.

Boris Johnson's front benchers appeared to stand by the Tory leader after he gave his speech and Justice Secretary Dominic Raab could also be seen leaning in an apparent show of support.

The leader of the opposition however grilled Mr Johnson for his apology.

Sir Keir Starmer told Boris Johnson the “party is over” as he asked the Prime Minister to resign before he is kicked out by voters or Tory MPs.

The Labour leader told the Commons: “We’ve got the Prime Minister attending Downing Street parties – a clear breach of the rules. We’ve got the Prime Minister putting forward a series of ridiculous denials which he knows are untrue – a clear breach of the ministerial code.

“That code says ministers who knowingly mislead Parliament will be expected to offer their resignation.

“The party’s over, Prime Minister. The only question is will the British public kick him out, will his party kick him out or will he do the decent thing and resign?”

Mr Johnson replied: “I know it is his objective and he is paid to try to remove me from office and I appreciate that and I accept that.

“But may I humbly suggest to him that he should wait until the inquiry has concluded, he should study it for himself and I will certainly respond as appropriate – and I hope that he does – but in the meantime, yes, I certainly wish that things had happened differently on the evening of May 20 and I apologise for all the misjudgements that have been made for which I take full responsibility.”

This comes as bookmakers have shortened the odds for the favourites to replace the Boris Johnson if he resigns.

The bookies favourite, Rishi Sunak, was absent from Prime Minister's Questions but the betting site Coral have placed the odds at 2/1.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is just behind at 3/1.