Lisa Nandy launches Labour 'mission' to take back Red Wall seats from Tories in the North

The Shadow Secretary of State for Levelling Up exclusively tells GB News 'there's no huge enthusiasm for any political party' in Greater Manchester


Lisa Nandy MP has told GB News the party has "much work do to" to win back traditional Labour seats in the North-West.

The MP for Wigan spoke to Gloria de Piero in an exclusive interview in Leigh in Greater Manchester, a constituency that has elected Labour MP 's for a hundred years until 2019 when the Conservatives won a majority there.

The Shadow Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has pledged to "make it the mission to win" back Labour voters from the town.

Lisa Nandy said "it broke my heart when Leigh voted Tory".

After speaking to people from Leigh about their political opinions, Nandy said "it's pretty clear that there's no huge enthusiasm for any political party".

The Labour MP concluded "really people aren't looking at the Tories and thinking yeah these people have got my back they're definitely going to deliver."

Nandy, despite finding that the town no longer outwardly support the Conservatives after the 'partygate' scandal, said "We've got work to do to earn back people 's trust in Labour".

"Those votes will not just come back to us. We're going to have to go out and convince people that we've got a plan," said the Labour MP

"I heard here the same things that I hear back home in Wigan. A lot that people are proud of their areas, they're proud of their communities but for too long they've been watching a political conversation that has nothing to do with it."

"They want to be back at the centre of our thinking if we can show that we care about putting money back into people 's pockets, that we care about thriving high streets and town centres."

The Shadow Secretary of State for Levelling Up highlighted the need for action on crime and security policies, telling Gloria de Piero "we care that town centres in many parts of the country have become no go areas because of crime and antisocial behaviour and drugs."