Lia Thomas 'cheated' to win female swimming event, peer tells GB News

Thomas has sparked a raging debate over whether she should be allowed to compete in female events


Trans athlete Lia Thomas “cheated” to win a female swimming event, Lord Daniel Moylan told GB News.

Thomas sparked outrage after becoming the first transgender woman to win an NCAA swimming title last week.

Debate continues around whether Thomas should be able to compete in such events after transitioning from a male.

Discussing the incident on Dewbs & Co, Lord Moylan slammed the decision to allow Thomas to compete in the event.

Lord Moylan said: “It’s cheating, that’s what it is, it’s a form of cheating."

When asked how it can be cheating if the rules allow it, he added: “Because the rules have been written so as to allow cheating and they’ve been written that way because sports bodies have been ideologised, bullied, harassed, taken over by people who hold this view as a matter of ideological belief.”

Lia Thomas
Lia Thomas
Daniel Moylan speaking on Dewbs & Co
Daniel Moylan speaking on Dewbs & Co

Chair of Positive News, Martin Wright then urged for sport to find a “level playing field” in the future, saying it could lead to a separate category for trans athletes.

Mr Wright said: “The bottom line is that sport should be a level playing field.

"Of course everyone should be able to participate in sport but it seems unfair to have certain people with certain bodies from birth, coming up against the sort of people they wouldn’t come up against in an equal contest.

“How you resolve that, whether you measure hormone levels, testosterone levels, weight and height levels. Whether you have a different category for trans people, I don’t know.

“But it’s unfair if you’re not competing on a level playing field, at least level allowing for the differences in accidents at birth.”