LBGT zebra crossing in Surrey vandalised within days

The rainbow crossing in Reigate has been vandalised.
The rainbow crossing in Reigate has been vandalised.

The crossing in Reigate, painted in rainbow colours rather than black and white, was marked with a large red cross

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An LGBT zebra crossing in Reigate, Surrey has been vandalised a matter of days after being revealed.

The pride crossing, painted in the rainbow colours of the Pride flag instead of the traditional black and white, has had mixed reviews.

The crossing’s rainbow stripes were covered with a large red cross. Some are shocked and saddened with the vandalism, but many feel the council wasted their money with gesture in the first place.

Surrey got its first pride crossing on a public road earlier this year in Godalming, prior to the county's Pride event in September.

The County Council in the past has suggested that it's intending to produce a pride crossing in every district and borough in Surrey.

Many support the idea, but others have queried whether such a gesture should be a priority and questioned the cost.

The University of Surrey led the way with LGBT crossing, painting a rainbow crossing on its campus in September 2019.